Monday, October 20, 2014

Welcome To A Safe Haven To Discuss Issues Related To Fidelity in Popular Music!

THIS BLOG exists to explore and discuss modern trends in the sound quality of the recorded music the majority of consumers listen to and buy - either in physical format at a store or via digital download service.

I created "Loudness, Remasters, & Musical Fidelity" out of the need to provide, for myself and like-minded individuals, a place to discuss such trends, after experiencing much bias against such discussion on industry-related private discussion forums as the Steve Hoffman Forums and Gearslutz(yes, that is the name of a pro-audio discussion forum!) and on Usenet-based open newsgroups.

Yes, I, personally, am strongly against the trends in modern recorded music: to make the finished album/product as loud as possible above all other consideration, and to "remaster" existing & legacy material(from late 20th century and backwards) to match current releases in perceived loudness when they are played back by consumers.

So if you feel like I do, and want to explore ways to let the music industry know we're TIRED of just "noise with a beat"!!, here's the place to have such discourse.

And again, WELCOME!!

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